Shanghai (Day 3)

Morning calls were scheduled for 1.5hrs before we had to depart. This was a little tight when you have to account for two people getting ready, pack bags when applicable, which are collected half an hour after wakeup call and have breakfast so we started a habit of setting an Continue Reading

Beijing (Day 4)

Having been at such a marvelous hotel previously the hotel in Beijing was disappointing. Apparently the tour had upgraded the old hotel to this one due to complaints so I wouldn’t like to know what its predecessor was like. Just before 6AM we were woken by a clock chiming outside. Continue Reading

Beijing (Day 5)

Woken up by the dang clock again. If nothing else it confirmed that it really was that loud. Today’s agenda: the Great Wall. On the way there we were advised that there were two different ways to climb the wall at the point that we were – left for the Continue Reading

Guilin (Day 8)

As soon as we got outside of the airport we were met by a waft of fresh air! It was like the direct opposite of Xi’an; everything was so lush and green that you couldn’t not appreciate the cleanliness of the air. Johnny was our specialist for Guilin and Yangshuo Continue Reading

Guilin to Yangshuo (Day 9)

We seemed to have a string of bad luck when it came to hotel rooms after Shanghai. In Guilin we had the traffic fairly close by so that kept disturbing us during the night as the room had terrible noise isolation. On the bright side though we had a lot Continue Reading