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This is my subdomain, where I have everything to do with just me.

About Me...

Here I'll be explaining about who I am, personally, along with what I get up to inside and outside of work.

My Projects

I have worked on a few projects. In this section I go into detail about what I have been working on and what they were used for.

My tools

My tools; camera, PC, etc. What I have, what I do with them and why I have them. All is explained in this section.

Some Recent Photos

Picture of London Eye from Westminster Bridge
Picture of Elizabeth Tower
Picture of crossing timer

You laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at you because you're all the same.

We need diversity. If you over-specialise you breed in weakness.

About me...

I am primarily self-taught in the IT world but it has served me well over the years.
I decided to go for a degree in IT for my main qualification as I enjoy working with computers, whether for social, entertainment or working needs.

During my spare time I like to visit a couple of forums (namely Hardware Heaven and Ebuyer) to help people out, spec PCs, etc. On a Wednesday and a Sunday I visit a friend's home for gaming. Wednesdays are PC gaming (usually) and Sundays are for Roleplaying (D&D, etc).

This website (well, subdomain) was not designed by me; I'm no website designer but I can fiddle with a free theme that has been downloaded J

About StopShot

StopShot is not an actual company, it's just the name given to the website.
The name was to be representative of stop-motion animation and photography.

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