Fixer was a small application that fixed common issues.


Pulse was a small application that had a couple of big roles.


Accounter is an application that I made for keeping track of accounts.


TSPlayer was an application that I wrote as an alternative call recording playback software.


BGControl was an application designed to combine a range of handy tools for the call centre managers.

Voice of Bureau

Voice of Bureau was an application used to provide agento feedback to the client services team


Login Limit was designed to limit the quantity of workstations that users could sign on to simultaneously for PCI Compliance.

HS Board

HS Board is a wallboard for displaying callcentre stats


IT Support System was the ticketing system for an IT department

File Explorer

File Explorer is designed as an alternative to Windows' Explorer

About StopShot

StopShot is not an actual company, it's just the name given to the website.
The name was to be representative of stop-motion animation and photography.

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