LoginLimit was an application that launched on Windows logon to check to ensure that a user was not logged in on another workstation.

Working in tangent with Pulse, LoginLimit checked an SQL database table to ensure that the current Windows user was not logged in on another workstation. If so, it would restart the current computer after one minute. This was for PCI DSS compliance to level 1, which required users to only be logged on to one workstation at a time using their own Windows login.

The application was written because there are no entries within a Windows domain for the current system that a user is logged on to, nor whether they are currently logged in to the domain.

Every minute, Pulse updated an SQL table with the current user's Windows username and the current date and time. Then, the system would clear the contents of the table of any user within that table every minute. This was deemed as the most robust method of ensuring that there were no false enties on the table, where a user had not been cleared from the table after sucessfully logging out of Windows.