Pulse was a small application that sat hidden from the agents' desktops. It was originally developed by the company's head programmer for logging the amount of time users were logged in to a system. Between the two of us we re-purposed the software for two roles.

One role was to set a limitation on how many systems users could sign in to. It stored the user's name, log-in time and computer name to a database and updated that information every minute. If the user's information was already stored then the system that they were attempting to log on to would restart after informing the user that they were logged in elsewhere. This was implemented because PCI Compliance stipulated that a user could not be logged on to more than one computer on the domain at a time.

The second role was to log all of the web browser URLs from agents' computers to a database. These were then sent as a report from a Crystal Reports server the following day to team leaders. The report trimmed the URLs to display only the domain, filtered them against an exceptions list and, in the case of search engines, would list the search term used. It also included the number of visits and had a separate break-down of the start and end times of those visits. This was implemented as an alternative to using a firewall with heuristic web filtering.