ITSS (IT Support System) was an application that I wrote to be the ticketing system of the IT department.

A simplistic design; a person could raise a support ticket with the IT department, detailing their ticket in plain text and, if required, "attach" a file by uploading to a network storage location. The system would notify the IT department by displaying a popup on their screen or send an email. Then, when replied to, the person that raised the ticket would receive an email notification.

In addition, the ticketing system could display a popup message if there was a known outage and a menu for opening common applications

The application utilised the domain users' usernames, rather than use a separate login, to manage who raised a ticket and their associated open tickets, their email address and, in the case of the IT department, their permissions. The IT department had a hidden menu that allowed access to the announcements settings and any handy shortcuts. Additionally, users could only see the tickets associated with their own account, whereas the IT department could view any tickets that were open by any user.