Fixer was a small application designed to correct the most common system issues for the outbound dialling agents.

Outbound agents used a third-party client application for the dialler software. The application sent details such as the call time, agent's name, etc to the dialler's server-side software and also popped up the script for the call. The application that was responsible for displaying the script required several files to be registered on the system.

One of the problems that sometimes occurred was that the files that needed to be registered would not remain registered correctly, which would result in the scripts not being populated or not showing at all.
Similarly, ODBC connections were created that were required by the scripts to connect to the MSSQL database. Although these were entered in the local ODBC configuration these would sometimes be lost from ODBC. To resolve this an admin would need to get the agent to log out of Windows, the admin would log in and manually reconfigure ODBC then the agent would log back again and carry on.

This is where a shortcut was required on the desktop to be able to re-configure ODBC to avoid needing to re-enter the configuration manually and, in the case of the script fix, the thid-party application that needed to be run to re-register their files was called automatically. Fixer would:

Following the implementation of Fixer the IT department were rarely called upon for assisting with client-side issues. Additionally, the amount of times that the files needed to re-register and the ODBC configuration decreased dramatically, not because users were able to do this themselves but because the fixes implemented lasted longer.

Because checks were made for each fix before executing the fix (to ensure that they were required) the application also logged all of the fixes carried out to a table on a MSSQL database so that the IT department could guage which computers had issues more frequently than others and take action to resolve those troublesome computers