FileExplorer was an application designed to replace the role of Windows Explorer for when agents needed to access folders either locally or across the network that they had been given permission to access.

Ordinarily, Windows was heavily locked-down so that Explorer was inaccessible; all of the applications that were needed by the agents were accessible from the desktop, thus the Start menu was disabled.

By default the application would load a drop-down menu of locations that agents were allowed to access. As File Explorer used the selected location as the top level they were unable to navigate to any locations that were not permissable.

On rare occasions members of the IT department would require access to additional locations either on the local machine or across the network so a padlock icon next to the drop-down could be used to change the drop-down menu to a text field, following a password prompt (though, on most occassions, the admin would log in to the system with another account that did not have the restrictions).